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What would we be without our supporters who remained steadfastly on our side contributing help, advice and capital from the begin of our gastronomic journey? And what would we be without our great guests, who are eating, drinking, and celebrating at our place since our opening? Without our topnotch Hawara we would just be Habibi without.
And our Habibi-Friends are getting more and more. Thank you!

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We thank our supporters!

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In alphabetical Order:

Pia & Ferdinand Auersperg
Berndorf Stiftung
Franz Blochberger
Franz del Fabro
Wenzel Dennig
Rudolf Gabriel
Bernhard Grubelnig
Franz Höfer
Matthias Kamp
Gery Keszler
Rotraud & Christian Konrad
Chi Kang & Fred Kranich
Erwin Krause
Andreas Lackner
Martin Lieb
Maria Lorenzoni-Manndorff
Severin Mayer-Heinisch
Benedikt Muxel
Stefan O.
Karin & Fredl Offner
Bernhard Rögner
Madeleine Rohla-Strauss
Walter Schachermayer
Bernd Schlacher
Erich Schiff
Ulrich Schulenberg
Barbara Sporn
Julian Steindorfer
Alexander Varendorff
Bieni & Tuno Veyder-Malberg
Verein TalkWalk